To Disneyland!

I had a wonderful Christmas, snuggled in a warm cottage in my old school flannel pjs (pink, red and silver tarten, rocking!) with a veritable pile of presents before me. It was a generous year and after all the chocolate, delicious food and drink I am the proud owner of a La Creuset blue teapot (love!), some pro hair curlers (my hair is finally starting to grow past it’s annoying chin-bob stage, bleurgh), some black pearl earrings (I have planned a trip to Tahiti in my future for the sole purpose of buying black pearls in abundance) and an absolutely beautiful, budget-busting (naughty boyfriend!) Astley Clarke friendship bracelet. Adore.

Enough bragging however, tomorrow is the sad task of demolishing the Christmas tree and clearing up the house ready for 2013 to begin fresh and clean. Back during the year (when I was an employee and not a start-up business!) my boyfriend and I booked a New Year’s trip to Disneyland to make up for not having been on holiday in two years. We’ll be in the park for the NYE fireworks and parade, so excited! It does mean though that all traces of Christmas must be dealt with before we go, as we’ll be arriving back with hours to spare before starting work again in the new year.

Happy New Year!


Nail it

Nail art has become a big thing in the last year, a trend I have welcomed with open arms.

It is weird, because when I was younger I hated make-up, nail varnish, fashion…I was a complete tomboy in my reclaimed army fatigues, slogan tees and trainers. I remember trying to be more girlie when I was about eleven and wearing nail varnish to a sleepover. I spent the entire evening picking the patent navy with silver glitter shards off of my nails.

I’m lucky. Genetically, I happen to have really nice nails. There is a running joke in my family that my nails are strong enough to act as crampons if I went mountain climbing.They are naturally oval shaped with good shine and a natural French manicure effect. However, I do maintain my nails health – I eat healthily, trim and file my nails about once a month and about every four weeks I go without nail varnish for a week to make sure I don’t weaken the nails by preventing them from getting any oxygen. I use hand cream, especially in Winter (Though I hate having slimy hands!). I like this shea butter one from L’Occitane.

Nail varnish is the easiest and cheapest way to update your look. This Autumn/Winter 2012, I’ve been rocking navy, soft grey, cerise and turquoise glitter. Come Spring, I’ll be buying a pot of matte lilac, some shiny mint green and a neon pink or yellow. (Or both).

3.1 Philip Lim S/S 13 Collection

Have you seen the 3.1 Philip Lim S/S 13 Collection Lookbook? Yum. Stylish pieces, textures and shapes in a dark palette with pops of teal and turquoise. Me likey.

This look (below) is so wearable, the proportions and the cut make the outfit sexy prep rocker…she’s wild at the weekends but gets her work done on time on a school night. That hint of leg is cool without being over the top and outre.

Or how about this one? (Below) So minimal, very feminine, elegant but young. No twin-set and pearls here.

This one (below) would make a perfect work wear outfit and it would take you from morning meeting, to lunch to drinks in the evening with friends without a hitch.

What’s your favourite piece?

Winter Style: Kate Bosworth

I love Kate Bosworth’s style, its always edgy but comfy looking. No skintight corsets or bizarre lacing structures for her. I’m a fan of fashion, but I have a serious need for the comfort factor – I don’t take to pain well and as for squishing my feet into beautiful, perfect shoes? Not much point if I’m going to cripple myself walking in them. Awaiting the day I can call a cab for the slightest of journeys, my style has to embrace the ability to move about and not break an ankle.

I saw Kate in this new Top Shop Winter Wonderland video and I’m loving her dress. Ms. Bosworth collaborated with the Top Shop design team on this one and they will be producing custom versions from Feb 2013 (V-Day sales hit, anyone?)

Red, sparkly, with an oh-so-modern tulip style split at the front I can imagine this dress would be perfect anywhere. From dressed down with a grey chunky knit over the top and black heeled ankle boots for hanging out at a cafe to, well, paired with matching shoes and a glamazon 40s style hairdo for cabaret singing on top of a grand piano.

I also think this is perfect for Christmas parties of all kinds, so it’s a bit of a shame that the dress won’t be available for purchase until next year. However, there are plenty of outfits following similar inspirations…

Check out this wrap-over number by Paprika London
Or this slightly more pricey (but gorgeous!) Maxmara.