Nail it

Nail art has become a big thing in the last year, a trend I have welcomed with open arms.

It is weird, because when I was younger I hated make-up, nail varnish, fashion…I was a complete tomboy in my reclaimed army fatigues, slogan tees and trainers. I remember trying to be more girlie when I was about eleven and wearing nail varnish to a sleepover. I spent the entire evening picking the patent navy with silver glitter shards off of my nails.

I’m lucky. Genetically, I happen to have really nice nails. There is a running joke in my family that my nails are strong enough to act as crampons if I went mountain climbing.They are naturally oval shaped with good shine and a natural French manicure effect. However, I do maintain my nails health – I eat healthily, trim and file my nails about once a month and about every four weeks I go without nail varnish for a week to make sure I don’t weaken the nails by preventing them from getting any oxygen. I use hand cream, especially in Winter (Though I hate having slimy hands!). I like this shea butter one from L’Occitane.

Nail varnish is the easiest and cheapest way to update your look. This Autumn/Winter 2012, I’ve been rocking navy, soft grey, cerise and turquoise glitter. Come Spring, I’ll be buying a pot of matte lilac, some shiny mint green and a neon pink or yellow. (Or both).


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