To Disneyland!

I had a wonderful Christmas, snuggled in a warm cottage in my old school flannel pjs (pink, red and silver tarten, rocking!) with a veritable pile of presents before me. It was a generous year and after all the chocolate, delicious food and drink I am the proud owner of a La Creuset blue teapot (love!), some pro hair curlers (my hair is finally starting to grow past it’s annoying chin-bob stage, bleurgh), some black pearl earrings (I have planned a trip to Tahiti in my future for the sole purpose of buying black pearls in abundance) and an absolutely beautiful, budget-busting (naughty boyfriend!) Astley Clarke friendship bracelet. Adore.

Enough bragging however, tomorrow is the sad task of demolishing the Christmas tree and clearing up the house ready for 2013 to begin fresh and clean. Back during the year (when I was an employee and not a start-up business!) my boyfriend and I booked a New Year’s trip to Disneyland to make up for not having been on holiday in two years. We’ll be in the park for the NYE fireworks and parade, so excited! It does mean though that all traces of Christmas must be dealt with before we go, as we’ll be arriving back with hours to spare before starting work again in the new year.

Happy New Year!


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