Happiness is…

You know what? We all have down days, where things seem a little blah. Sometimes, those down days can go from blah to hopeless and that’s where you either need someone who can bring you back to yourself, a never-fail laughter producer or a list of happy things to remind you that it’s not all grey skies and drizzle out there.

My lovely boyfriend never fails to make me feel better, but not only is he not always around, but it would be unfair to depend on him in that way.

My never-fail laughter producer is this website, Damn You Autocorrect. Hilarity will ensue should you click that link.

So here’s a selection of things from my happy list!

1) Daffodils – a bunch of daff’s cost less than new nail varnish (also a mood booster trick of mine), last for days and days if you take care of them and never fail to brighten up a space with their cheery yellow trumpets. LOVE!

2) A glossy mag is a guilty pleasure you can curl up on the sofa with, get cosy and page through. Read the features, check out the new fashions, get ideas for new websites to visit, new books to read, fun events to visit in the future. I love InStyle for the fashion features and Marie Claire for the news bulletins and articles.

3) A chat with someone – face-to-face, on Twitter, on Facebook – there is nothing to beat a good bit of back and forth with a human being. I love a good debate, but I’m also practicing my general conversing skills by starting up conversations with people I’ve never talked to before (which Twitter is awesome for!).

4) Music! You can change your mood completely with a bit of upbeat music and a hearty singalong. I have a special playlist with songs from Burlesque, Marina and the Diamonds, Carlos Santana, Jesse J, Beyonce and others. A sing and a dance is the ultimate mood medicine!

5) Making and eating something tasty, pretty and good for you – I get a real kick out of cooking and putting together dishes that are going to taste amazing, look great on the plate and that you know is packed full of good stuff. It can be soothing to zone out and just stuff ravioli, or simmer a sauce, or create a salad.


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