Friday Favorites: 5th April

I’m grabbing a minute to tell you what I’m loving:

1. I’m moving house in two weeks time and have replaced my usual obsessive trawling of fashion blogs with interior design. I am loving this site, houzz, for the never-ending ream of inspiring pictures!

2. Its April, its snowing, its still freezing and I wouldn’t be surviving without my alpaca wool socks scrunched up inside my boots!

3. Chocolate cherry brandy brownies. Yum. I made a third of this recipe, skipped the walnuts (who wants nuts ruining all that squidgy goodness?) and added cherry brandy chocolates (the type with a cherry and dash of liqueur inside!) Then I twice baked for a chewy exterior and a gooey interior and by golly, I had nothing else for dinner that night.

4. I read this Derralyn Anderson series this week and found it both compelling and a great series to just sit back and relax with. Marina’s Tales are beautifully written, entertaining and also escapism in the purest form, in that it is not deep philosophies or facts about life. The characters have no worries other than the bad guys out to get them – money, housing, fashion, talent – all taken care of.

5. I’m on the verge of taking my Winter hair in hand and changing it up from its current coppery brunette to a softer strawberry blonde. Not sure how to do this myself however and I have no intention of paying my week’s food budget for a professional. Next week, I may have accidentally bleached all my hair off. You’ll know this is the case if I profess myself to loving baldness next Friday.


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