Friday Favorites: 12th April

1. I’ve started keeping a mini ‘tweet’ diary – instead of having to make time to write down the minutiae of my day, I just write a sentence about something that made me happy that day in a notebook I bought a while ago from Etsy, with handmade paper and a distressed leather cover. I’m pleased with it, it’s only been a week but it is good to think back on the day just before bed and capture a moment to record.

2. I became fascinated with finger rings, not liking the feel of rings at the base of my fingers (!) but liking the look. I now have a bunch of different sized rings which I wear up and down my fingers on both hands and I really like them. They are comfy, not annoying, never too tight and they look awesome.

3. I baked some Banana Bread during a bit of procrastination from some chores yesterday and despite it being a standby recipe, it never fails to fill the house with that amazing aroma of baked goods and it makes a satisfying teatime treat – healthy too, ‘cos of the banana. 😛

4. I’ve been recycling a pile of magazines before the house move by ripping out colourful pages, paper beading them and then sorting the paper beads into colourways. I intend to cover a canvas with them in a paper collage. I love texture in art, and I’m a sucker for bright colours so hopefully it will look good in the new flat. The canvas I originally thought to stick the paper beads to however turned out to be gigantic when I got a second look at it, so I might save that for something else and get a smaller canvas for the beads…otherwise we’ll end up overwhelmed by a wall-sized paper montage!


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