Friday Favorites: 20th September

  1. I need this delicious sounding Cinnamon Chai soy scented candle to warm up my house with Autumnal vibes! Or maybe these Fall Scents candle pack…choices, choices.
  2. Anthem of the week! Love ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry katy-guns
  3. I’ve looked over my calendar for events coming up in the next few months and already have my covetous eye on some party dresses. My local vintage boutique has a gorgeous cherry red velvet shift I’m in love with, or I’m loving this number from Miss Selfridge;Floral Print Mesh Tutu Dress - Dresses  - Clothing
  4. I’ve spent a lot of my down time this week obsessively researching symbolism for my second book and have been scribbling away in a giant paper pad, Evernote and a notebook (even at 1am)! I love this one from Paperchase if you also have a need to take vast quantities of notes and love eco credentials!
I inherited this gorgeous, super comfy antique nursing chair a while back and have been intending to re-upholster it for ages. Well, when I say re-upholster, I meant I was going to recover it.
The patterned fabric that was covering it was a dusty sage green colour and ripped with the stuffing leaking out.
(Imagine my surprise when I started taking the fabric off, only to discover it’s original colour was a metallic cobalt blue!)
Re-Upholstery Project
Re-Upholstery Project

I stripped all the fabric off, but then I saw the condition of the actual insides of the chair. There was nothing for it, with the clouds of dust billowing from the stuffing, along with spiders and fabric that crumbled as I touched it, it had to all go.

There was no way any of that was coming inside my house!

Re-Upholstery Project

Re-Upholstery Project


Re-Upholstery Project

With everything gone but the bare bones (in this case, springs, hessian grid and horsehair padding around the upper wings), I could set to work re-padding it. Having to buy in all the extras other than the fabric did put my budget out of the water slightly, but it was worth it.

I previously had a quote done to see how much it would cost to do professionally and the response was in the region of £250 plus fabric cost.

It took me two days of ripping, cutting, sewing and hammering, but I got the whole thing done for £50 and what’s more – I absolutely loved it! Bring on the upholstering!

Re-Upholstery Project

My cat helpfully decided it was worth sitting on the chair the moment the base seat was covered in new, cosy charcoal grey chenille. She had great fun trying to eat my sewing thread as it whisked past her nose every two second while I was stitching the new cover in place.How to reupholster a nursing chair DIY



It’s here! I have that Autumn feeling, let the apple cinnamon baking, jumper-snuggling, umbrella-toting season begin.P1040296I was yearning for Summer when the cold and wet moved in, still in the mood for sundresses and salads. Now, my mind is all over the upcoming season – usually the busiest of the year for me. P1040285So, with that in mind I’ve taken some time this weekend to just get my ‘To-Do’ list in order (I love ticking stuff off as I finish each task).P1040290I finished my upholstery project, I’ll get a post up with that next week.P1040310In the meantime I’m pretty much all about the hot chocolate right now, loving this deluxe version from Cafe Chocolata in Tunbridge Wells. They had some seriously good baked potato action in there, along with tea in dainty china cups and saucers. If I had had room, I would have sampled some of the Leonidas chocolates too, but I guess that’s for another day.P1040311

This week I read Crystal: Book 1 in the Glassmaker’s Saga by Donna Baker. It was incredibly well-researched, weaving a story of love, loss and family greed into an arena of Victorian Industrial era glass making. I learnt a lot about the art of making glass and I can tell you this – it made me suddenly look at the mass-produced IKEA basics I own and the heavy rock-crystal, fully engraved objets d’art that my grandmother used to have on display around her home in completely new lights. Not to mention, it made me crave a bit of the good stuff myself – case in point, I am loving these crystal light bulbs!

Crystal Lightbulbs

This week I also took in an amazing delivery of vintage clothes and accessories for the pre-loved shop I run social media for. Oh my. This drop was spectacular, the items ranged from 60s mock-ups of Edwardian style gowns, to wool and cashmere coats, a black velvet opera cape that I am a little bit in love with and an entire collection of Liberty print silk scarves. Gorgeous. With the temperature dropping, silk scarves are definitely a wardrobe staple. They hold heat beautifully and the colours you can get in silk are mouth-wateringly delicious. I’m liking florals, like this Wild Roses Vintage Silk Scarf on Etsy and bright, Autumnal stripes like this 1970s Vera Newman Ladybug Scarf on Etsy.

This week also saw, finally, the booking of the hotel for my Barcelona trip! I’ve been putting together a packing list, but it’s tricky as the weather here has switched abruptly from sunny and warm to bloomin’ cold and grey. Barcelona should be a nice, mild 20 degrees but right now all I can think about it jumpers and boots.

That reminds me – just bought these H&M boots too. Awaiting delivery and hoping they fit!

H&M Boots

Temperature Drop Equals Baking

Bah! After a few last ditch balmy days, it appears the cooler weather has set in now – rain, grey and cold air for three days in a row!

I’m still hankering for Summer and not feeling Autumn at all yet. In an attempt to start feeling the vibes of the season, I’ve been getting back to baking now the oven can be turned on without causing a heatstroke incident.

I’ve been baking this One-Pot Bread recipe with great success! Absolutely loving how easy it was, although you have to put aside time to make the starter and prove the dough. The first time I tried it I ended up having to go to a meeting when I should have been popping it in the oven. The dough over-proved slightly, but that gave it a crumpet-like texture which was actually pretty good for breakfast at the weekend! I’m debating whether to try this French Toast Finger recipe using leftovers, ‘cos it looks tasty!

As well as various baking adventures, I refused to leave the house in the torrential rain yesterday to go for groceries, so had to get inventive with store cupboard bits and leftover veg for dinner. Worked pretty well actually. I was inspired by this picture from Pinterest to make what I’m calling a Mexican version of cottage pie – mixed beans, sweetcorn, carrot and onion making up the base and mashed sweet potato, whipped into creamy peaks making the top. Baked in the oven it managed to warm us up a treat!

Upcoming trip to Catalonia

Hey y’all, super excited as I just clicked the ‘Book it Now’ button for my trip to Barcelona! I anticipate a happy few weeks combing through the TimeOut website now to discover great things to do while I’m there (I hear there is a week long festival where the Catalan castellers build human castles in the street)!

Hopefully I can get some flamenco in there somewhere, not to mention shopping – although that one might take some persuading to get the Dude to co-operate. Not to mention the food!

Wow, I just spaced out for a moment there imagining it all. Happy face.

Of course, this entails putting together a 10-day holiday wardrobe…cue lots of Polyvoring!