Temperature Drop Equals Baking

Bah! After a few last ditch balmy days, it appears the cooler weather has set in now – rain, grey and cold air for three days in a row!

I’m still hankering for Summer and not feeling Autumn at all yet. In an attempt to start feeling the vibes of the season, I’ve been getting back to baking now the oven can be turned on without causing a heatstroke incident.

I’ve been baking this One-Pot Bread recipe with great success! Absolutely loving how easy it was, although you have to put aside time to make the starter and prove the dough. The first time I tried it I ended up having to go to a meeting when I should have been popping it in the oven. The dough over-proved slightly, but that gave it a crumpet-like texture which was actually pretty good for breakfast at the weekend! I’m debating whether to try this French Toast Finger recipe using leftovers, ‘cos it looks tasty!

As well as various baking adventures, I refused to leave the house in the torrential rain yesterday to go for groceries, so had to get inventive with store cupboard bits and leftover veg for dinner. Worked pretty well actually. I was inspired by this picture from Pinterest to make what I’m calling a Mexican version of cottage pie – mixed beans, sweetcorn, carrot and onion making up the base and mashed sweet potato, whipped into creamy peaks making the top. Baked in the oven it managed to warm us up a treat!


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