Friday Favorites: 13th September

This week I read Crystal: Book 1 in the Glassmaker’s Saga by Donna Baker. It was incredibly well-researched, weaving a story of love, loss and family greed into an arena of Victorian Industrial era glass making. I learnt a lot about the art of making glass and I can tell you this – it made me suddenly look at the mass-produced IKEA basics I own and the heavy rock-crystal, fully engraved objets d’art that my grandmother used to have on display around her home in completely new lights. Not to mention, it made me crave a bit of the good stuff myself – case in point, I am loving these crystal light bulbs!

Crystal Lightbulbs

This week I also took in an amazing delivery of vintage clothes and accessories for the pre-loved shop I run social media for. Oh my. This drop was spectacular, the items ranged from 60s mock-ups of Edwardian style gowns, to wool and cashmere coats, a black velvet opera cape that I am a little bit in love with and an entire collection of Liberty print silk scarves. Gorgeous. With the temperature dropping, silk scarves are definitely a wardrobe staple. They hold heat beautifully and the colours you can get in silk are mouth-wateringly delicious. I’m liking florals, like this Wild Roses Vintage Silk Scarf on Etsy and bright, Autumnal stripes like this 1970s Vera Newman Ladybug Scarf on Etsy.

This week also saw, finally, the booking of the hotel for my Barcelona trip! I’ve been putting together a packing list, but it’s tricky as the weather here has switched abruptly from sunny and warm to bloomin’ cold and grey. Barcelona should be a nice, mild 20 degrees but right now all I can think about it jumpers and boots.

That reminds me – just bought these H&M boots too. Awaiting delivery and hoping they fit!

H&M Boots


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