Got that Autumn Feeling

It’s here! I have that Autumn feeling, let the apple cinnamon baking, jumper-snuggling, umbrella-toting season begin.P1040296I was yearning for Summer when the cold and wet moved in, still in the mood for sundresses and salads. Now, my mind is all over the upcoming season – usually the busiest of the year for me. P1040285So, with that in mind I’ve taken some time this weekend to just get my ‘To-Do’ list in order (I love ticking stuff off as I finish each task).P1040290I finished my upholstery project, I’ll get a post up with that next week.P1040310In the meantime I’m pretty much all about the hot chocolate right now, loving this deluxe version from Cafe Chocolata in Tunbridge Wells. They had some seriously good baked potato action in there, along with tea in dainty china cups and saucers. If I had had room, I would have sampled some of the Leonidas chocolates too, but I guess that’s for another day.P1040311


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