Re-Upholstery Project

I inherited this gorgeous, super comfy antique nursing chair a while back and have been intending to re-upholster it for ages. Well, when I say re-upholster, I meant I was going to recover it.
The patterned fabric that was covering it was a dusty sage green colour and ripped with the stuffing leaking out.
(Imagine my surprise when I started taking the fabric off, only to discover it’s original colour was a metallic cobalt blue!)
Re-Upholstery Project
Re-Upholstery Project

I stripped all the fabric off, but then I saw the condition of the actual insides of the chair. There was nothing for it, with the clouds of dust billowing from the stuffing, along with spiders and fabric that crumbled as I touched it, it had to all go.

There was no way any of that was coming inside my house!

Re-Upholstery Project

Re-Upholstery Project


Re-Upholstery Project

With everything gone but the bare bones (in this case, springs, hessian grid and horsehair padding around the upper wings), I could set to work re-padding it. Having to buy in all the extras other than the fabric did put my budget out of the water slightly, but it was worth it.

I previously had a quote done to see how much it would cost to do professionally and the response was in the region of £250 plus fabric cost.

It took me two days of ripping, cutting, sewing and hammering, but I got the whole thing done for £50 and what’s more – I absolutely loved it! Bring on the upholstering!

Re-Upholstery Project

My cat helpfully decided it was worth sitting on the chair the moment the base seat was covered in new, cosy charcoal grey chenille. She had great fun trying to eat my sewing thread as it whisked past her nose every two second while I was stitching the new cover in place.How to reupholster a nursing chair DIY




2 thoughts on “Re-Upholstery Project

  1. Goodness gracious! It looks wonderful! Well done! You’re definitely braver than I am- I want so badly to reupholster a chair, I just can’t bring myself to do it!

    • Thank-you! 🙂 You should just go for it! I really thought I had bitten off more than I could chew when I first started ripping the old covering off – but it was really good fun putting it back together again and much easier than I anticipated. Definitely worth giving it a go!

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