Friday Favorites: 20th September

  1. I need this delicious sounding Cinnamon Chai soy scented candle to warm up my house with Autumnal vibes! Or maybe these Fall Scents candle pack…choices, choices.
  2. Anthem of the week! Love ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry katy-guns
  3. I’ve looked over my calendar for events coming up in the next few months and already have my covetous eye on some party dresses. My local vintage boutique has a gorgeous cherry red velvet shift I’m in love with, or I’m loving this number from Miss Selfridge;Floral Print Mesh Tutu Dress - Dresses  - Clothing
  4. I’ve spent a lot of my down time this week obsessively researching symbolism for my second book and have been scribbling away in a giant paper pad, Evernote and a notebook (even at 1am)! I love this one from Paperchase if you also have a need to take vast quantities of notes and love eco credentials!

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