Friday Favorites: 11th October

Bah. It’s been an awful week. I mean it, truly – no repeats wanted here!

First off, I arrived back from my sojourn in Barcelona. Ahh, 26 degrees, evening strolls, bright lights, beach time and churros. However, back home in England, Autumn has well and truly arrived.


I took a wander through the park yesterday and the falling leaves, chill in the air and immense amount of jumpers in the shops (I may have browsed the windows a little as I came into town for lunch) left me feeling that new season excitement. That moment was the first good one all week though, as no sooner had I stepped off the plane than I got a head cold. I figured I would shake it off fast, which I did – only to then get food poisoning! Two days later, I have a sore throat. *sigh*

Friday Favorites / Things That Have Kept Me Going This Week!

1. The cat! Gorgeousness incarnate, she has kept me company on the bathroom floor, the sofa and in bed. Yesterday, she even brought me a giant, half dead spider to comfort me in my time of need. It’s the thought that counts.

2. With the cold comes party planning and this dress caught my eye as perfect holiday season wear.

3. My usual hobby of pinning recipes had to go on the back burner this week as I couldn’t deal with looking at food. Instead, I started planning ideas for the contents of gift hampers I fully intend to make this year. Check out my pinboard.


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