Sunday Round-Up

Whew, it was a busy week. The lesson I took away? Don’t travel on a Thursday. I spent 9 hours in the car when I should have spent a maximum of 4, all told. I swear every road between me and where I needed to go had been closed, barricaded off and a diversion put in place (or not, as at least two of the blocked roads, out of the 7 I traversed, had no alternate route signposted).


DIY Craft Home made Autumn Wreath

Anyways, this travesty of a travel situation not withstanding, my weekend has been very chilled. Saturday I crafted a Autumnal-looking wreath for the door using bits and bobs picked up on our walk across the Commons. In the evening, we got dressed up and headed out to see a Burlesque show with The Folly Mixtures and Ivy Paige which was fantastic, very funny and glamorous.

Today has been a baking day as the intermittent rain and grey skies effectively kiboshed our allotment plans.

We made shortcrust pastry and turned it into a Mediterranean influenced tart, with roasted butternut squash, red onions and courgettes gifted by our allotment neighbour. I sprinkled feta cheese over it before popping in the oven and used a balsamic vinegar glaze liberally over the top when we served it up.

Mediterranean Tart

For dessert, as the oven was on and we had a surplus of apples to hand, we whipped up a delicious cinnamon and brown sugar heavy, buttery apple crumble which we served after lunch with some toffee ice cream.

As we were busy in the kitchen anyway, I took the opportunity to turn the other half of the butternut squash I roasted for the tart into a spicy chilli-infused soup for my lunch tomorrow.

Kiddo Blanket

Now, to snuggle up with the cat (who definitely has the right idea, blanket-wise) and read some books – you can check out some of my reviews here on Goodreads.


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