Friday Favorites: 1st November

This week I’ve been on tenterhooks awaiting news I know won’t come through until next week at the earliest.

Ack. I am not a naturally patient person.

I have been occupying myself with some new dinner menus (an absolute trolley-load of vegetables at the weekly shop, yum), planning some home-made Christmas gifts, formatting my new book for Kindle and becoming addicted to Rules of Engagement which keeps playing marathons when I try and concentrate on anything.

I’ve got a few nifty projects planned for November, so exciting times ahead!

My attention was grabbed by this portrait of a lady and an ermine, of Cecilia, a mistress of the Milanese court in the Renaissance.

I’ve also pledged 50,000 words to NaNoWrMo 2013, so check out how I’m doing and consider it yourself – there’s still time to join!


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