Down and Out in Beverly Heels by Kathryn Leigh Scott

Beverly Heels

I expected this book to be a bit of light-hearted fluff that would occupy some downtime I had coming up. It turned into a fun romp through the behind-the-scenes aspects of Hollywood, with a mystery to be solved and a heroine that surprised me.

Meg Barnes made for a likeable character. She was smart, sympathetic to other’s plight (despite being in no small way worse off) and genuinely just trying to get back on her feet. After a stressful run-in with the paparazzi due to her con-man husband taking off with half of Hollywood’s money, she opts for self-preservation instead of status and returns to find that she has nothing. No house, no career, no money.

Making the best of a bad situation, she continues on with her life. The book gave an interesting view on a scenario of homelessness that just doesn’t measure up with the glamorous portrayal of Hollywood’s perfection.

Check ‘Down and Out in Beverly Heels’ out on Goodreads.


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