Pesto Revelation

Wow. I think I just had a religious experience. Revolving around pesto.

What a revelation! In a twist of supermarket frustration (Must. Eat. NOW.) I ditched the weekly grocery shop in favour of grabbing the first, fast, cookable thing I could see. And that was fresh pasta and fresh pesto.

Now, usually, pesto is something I buy in a jar and store in the cupboard for those times when you’ve run out of food and do not have time to run to the store. It’s never really tasted of much to me, but it’s better than plain pasta, which sucks the life right out of me.

So, on this occasion I was planning to roast some multi-coloured cherry tomatoes to add a little sweetness (and health) to my meal, but gosh darn it, I was in a hunger grump. I was not going to take the time to roast anything.

I ended up chucking the steaming hot pasta in the fresh pesto and adding a healthy (read: huge) portion of pan fried halloumi. The whole thing took approx. three minutes and I gobbled it down. I may have burnt my tongue slightly. However, before I lost the tastebuds, you know what they were screaming?


Now, they say hunger is the best garnish, but man oh man does fresh make all the difference. On one side, I can never go back. I’ve hereby lost a stand-by meal from my collection. Of course, *silver lining*, I have gained a whole new appreciation for pesto.

Oh the possibilities…now to successfully grow basil.


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