Friday Favorites

I feel like, on some level, it might be wrong that this makes me want to go eat doughnuts in New York.

I was in one of those ‘must-eat-now-or-possibly-collapse’ moods yesterday and chucked chopped cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, 2 min pan-fried halloumi and a pouch microwavable mixed grains (!) in a bowl with red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and it was divine.

I’m getting super excited for the release of Earth Drummer by Echo Fox at the end of the month…I love the last book in the Equilibria Series, Wave Singers, so this should be goooood.

Loving this little collection of baked goodies – sums up the UK pretty well, even if I myself don’t partake in a good half of them (being vegetarian and averse to suet…)




Friday Favorites

This is going to be going all over my vegetables. Not even kidding. Bring it on.

I read this and will hopefully do a review soonish…richly detailed read about the Ottoman Empire, very interesting and compelling stuff!

I have having some serious doughnut dreams recently, fuelled by these and these. Yum.

Hehe, cutest critter of the week.

Man oh man, I need to make this. That is all.