The Villa in Italy by Elizabeth Edmondson

The Villa in Italy

To be perfectly candid, I originally downloaded this book because it was raining and the cover led me to believe it would be a light-hearted rom com set in sunny Italy.

However, what I ended up with was better than that. This story started off confusingly, but soon the main characters were in place and a mystery began to be uncovered, relationships developed and histories revealed. I found the whole thing enormously intriguing and couldn’t put it down. I even got to luxuriate in the promised Italian villa!

The characters were built up skilfully and the story helped each character to untangle their various issues and come to terms with themselves and what they wanted out of life in order to become happy. It was really interesting to gradually learn more about each person as their companions did. The imagery was beautiful and while not what I originally expected, I am more than glad that I found and read this book.

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