The One by Kiera Cass

The One

I’d been looking forward to finishing off the trilogy, although I didn’t re-read the other books before starting on this one so it took me a few to catch up on what was going on – not a problem as I dislike full recaps in the opening pages.

I had read some pre-release reviews that made the whole story sound very predictable but I have to say the author managed to draw out the love triangle for most of the book. Three quarters of the way through I still wasn’t entirely sure who America would choose. I knew who she should choose, but there was always a little niggling doubt…

The political situation got a lot more tense and immediate in this book than the first two. The twists in the story kept it interesting, although were in keeping with many other dystopian fictions that I have read recently. The trend seems to be moving towards doing actions that shock, rather than that fit neatly into the story – or maybe that is just a more accurate depiction of reality? Either way, I enjoyed the story and felt the trilogy was concluded satisfactorily.

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