Love to List: 13/06/2014

Eating / Fresh pasta, parmesan, virgin olive oil, cracked black pepper, basil leaves. All week. No joke.
Drinking / Green tea by the bucketload. Or teapot load. Doesn’t sound so drastic, but I have a big teapot.
Practicing / Baking. Banana bread, pear tea cake, chocolate fudge brownies. Next I want to make doughnuts.
Mastering / The art of procrastination. I’ve been halfway through A Month of Yoga for, ah hem, a month.
Learning / To take things a day at a time instead of rushing towards the finish line all the time.
Trying / To think of a great present for a 30th birthday girl I’m seeing at the weekend. Any ideas?
Playing / With my ASOS saved list and rearranging it in order of what I want most. I need to get out more.
Finishing / Moving all the furniture around. Again.
Reading / Too many books. See this weeks reviews here, here and here.
Remembering / D-Day and all that goes with it.
Wearing / Ripped jeans. Just too comfy. Strike the balance between PJs and actually being dressed when the doorbell goes and the postman needs you to sign for something.
Cooking / Nope. Meals out this week, lucky, lucky me, thanks to various family members birthday celebrations.
Working / Hard on writing the next book in the Equilibria Series! Exciting stuff.
Traveling / To Corsica! Not right now, but I’m about to push the button on the card transaction any. minute. now.
Wanting / To go see Maleficent, love all the live action fairytales in the cinema over the last few years.

P.S. I robbed the idea for this list shamelessly from How Sweet It Is.


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