The Vintage Summer Wedding by Jenny Oliver

The Vintage Summer Wedding

I liked this book, the story and the character of Anna. I’m rating it two stars instead of three because all the other people in Anna’s life – her father, her old school peers, people in the village – were so unbelievably harsh and unpleasant to her.

With the book being from Anna’s point of view, the only justification for the hostile words of the people in the village was her own belief that she had been a teenager with attitude…and well, it seemed unlikely that an entire village would take against her for being, for all purposes, a normal teenager.

Otherwise, I found the initial topsy-turvy descriptions entertaining and I identified with Anna – there have certainly been places or jobs I just didn’t want to be in and yet seemed to have no choice about the matter.

So overall a fun book about finding your own dream when you’ve been chasing someone else’s dream for so long, but the majority of the characters annoyed me.

See this book on Goodreads.


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