Quick Lunch: Egg, Smashed Avocado & Toast

Oh man. This was good. So good I ate it all and licked the plate before I could snap a photo. That is one of the major reasons I could never be a food blogger. I need to eat my creation, immediately.

Impatience. It’s a curse.

Anyway, so I shall paint you a picture with words, which is more my forte anyway.


Fresh, dense, savoury walnut bread sliced thinly and slathered in salted butter and mashed up garlic. Fried in a hot, hot pan while I smashed up a beautifully ripe avocado with lemon juice. I smeared the chunky avocado over the toast, then topped it with a lightly fried egg, sprinkled all over with herbs de Provence. Slash that yolk and let it run, everywhere! Glorious, garlicky, creamy, crunchy toasty goodness!

Lunchtime rocks.


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