Love to List: 13/06/2014

Eating / Fresh pasta, parmesan, virgin olive oil, cracked black pepper, basil leaves. All week. No joke.
Drinking / Green tea by the bucketload. Or teapot load. Doesn’t sound so drastic, but I have a big teapot.
Practicing / Baking. Banana bread, pear tea cake, chocolate fudge brownies. Next I want to make doughnuts.
Mastering / The art of procrastination. I’ve been halfway through A Month of Yoga for, ah hem, a month.
Learning / To take things a day at a time instead of rushing towards the finish line all the time.
Trying / To think of a great present for a 30th birthday girl I’m seeing at the weekend. Any ideas?
Playing / With my ASOS saved list and rearranging it in order of what I want most. I need to get out more.
Finishing / Moving all the furniture around. Again.
Reading / Too many books. See this weeks reviews here, here and here.
Remembering / D-Day and all that goes with it.
Wearing / Ripped jeans. Just too comfy. Strike the balance between PJs and actually being dressed when the doorbell goes and the postman needs you to sign for something.
Cooking / Nope. Meals out this week, lucky, lucky me, thanks to various family members birthday celebrations.
Working / Hard on writing the next book in the Equilibria Series! Exciting stuff.
Traveling / To Corsica! Not right now, but I’m about to push the button on the card transaction any. minute. now.
Wanting / To go see Maleficent, love all the live action fairytales in the cinema over the last few years.

P.S. I robbed the idea for this list shamelessly from How Sweet It Is.


Friday Favorites

I feel like, on some level, it might be wrong that this makes me want to go eat doughnuts in New York.

I was in one of those ‘must-eat-now-or-possibly-collapse’ moods yesterday and chucked chopped cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, 2 min pan-fried halloumi and a pouch microwavable mixed grains (!) in a bowl with red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and it was divine.

I’m getting super excited for the release of Earth Drummer by Echo Fox at the end of the month…I love the last book in the Equilibria Series, Wave Singers, so this should be goooood.

Loving this little collection of baked goodies – sums up the UK pretty well, even if I myself don’t partake in a good half of them (being vegetarian and averse to suet…)



Friday Favorites: 1st November

This week I’ve been on tenterhooks awaiting news I know won’t come through until next week at the earliest.

Ack. I am not a naturally patient person.

I have been occupying myself with some new dinner menus (an absolute trolley-load of vegetables at the weekly shop, yum), planning some home-made Christmas gifts, formatting my new book for Kindle and becoming addicted to Rules of Engagement which keeps playing marathons when I try and concentrate on anything.

I’ve got a few nifty projects planned for November, so exciting times ahead!

My attention was grabbed by this portrait of a lady and an ermine, of Cecilia, a mistress of the Milanese court in the Renaissance.

I’ve also pledged 50,000 words to NaNoWrMo 2013, so check out how I’m doing and consider it yourself – there’s still time to join!

Friday Favorites: 11th October

Bah. It’s been an awful week. I mean it, truly – no repeats wanted here!

First off, I arrived back from my sojourn in Barcelona. Ahh, 26 degrees, evening strolls, bright lights, beach time and churros. However, back home in England, Autumn has well and truly arrived.


I took a wander through the park yesterday and the falling leaves, chill in the air and immense amount of jumpers in the shops (I may have browsed the windows a little as I came into town for lunch) left me feeling that new season excitement. That moment was the first good one all week though, as no sooner had I stepped off the plane than I got a head cold. I figured I would shake it off fast, which I did – only to then get food poisoning! Two days later, I have a sore throat. *sigh*

Friday Favorites / Things That Have Kept Me Going This Week!

1. The cat! Gorgeousness incarnate, she has kept me company on the bathroom floor, the sofa and in bed. Yesterday, she even brought me a giant, half dead spider to comfort me in my time of need. It’s the thought that counts.

2. With the cold comes party planning and this dress caught my eye as perfect holiday season wear.

3. My usual hobby of pinning recipes had to go on the back burner this week as I couldn’t deal with looking at food. Instead, I started planning ideas for the contents of gift hampers I fully intend to make this year. Check out my pinboard.

Friday Favorites: 20th September

  1. I need this delicious sounding Cinnamon Chai soy scented candle to warm up my house with Autumnal vibes! Or maybe these Fall Scents candle pack…choices, choices.
  2. Anthem of the week! Love ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry katy-guns
  3. I’ve looked over my calendar for events coming up in the next few months and already have my covetous eye on some party dresses. My local vintage boutique has a gorgeous cherry red velvet shift I’m in love with, or I’m loving this number from Miss Selfridge;Floral Print Mesh Tutu Dress - Dresses  - Clothing
  4. I’ve spent a lot of my down time this week obsessively researching symbolism for my second book and have been scribbling away in a giant paper pad, Evernote and a notebook (even at 1am)! I love this one from Paperchase if you also have a need to take vast quantities of notes and love eco credentials!

This week I read Crystal: Book 1 in the Glassmaker’s Saga by Donna Baker. It was incredibly well-researched, weaving a story of love, loss and family greed into an arena of Victorian Industrial era glass making. I learnt a lot about the art of making glass and I can tell you this – it made me suddenly look at the mass-produced IKEA basics I own and the heavy rock-crystal, fully engraved objets d’art that my grandmother used to have on display around her home in completely new lights. Not to mention, it made me crave a bit of the good stuff myself – case in point, I am loving these crystal light bulbs!

Crystal Lightbulbs

This week I also took in an amazing delivery of vintage clothes and accessories for the pre-loved shop I run social media for. Oh my. This drop was spectacular, the items ranged from 60s mock-ups of Edwardian style gowns, to wool and cashmere coats, a black velvet opera cape that I am a little bit in love with and an entire collection of Liberty print silk scarves. Gorgeous. With the temperature dropping, silk scarves are definitely a wardrobe staple. They hold heat beautifully and the colours you can get in silk are mouth-wateringly delicious. I’m liking florals, like this Wild Roses Vintage Silk Scarf on Etsy and bright, Autumnal stripes like this 1970s Vera Newman Ladybug Scarf on Etsy.

This week also saw, finally, the booking of the hotel for my Barcelona trip! I’ve been putting together a packing list, but it’s tricky as the weather here has switched abruptly from sunny and warm to bloomin’ cold and grey. Barcelona should be a nice, mild 20 degrees but right now all I can think about it jumpers and boots.

That reminds me – just bought these H&M boots too. Awaiting delivery and hoping they fit!

H&M Boots

Friday Favorites: 12th April

1. I’ve started keeping a mini ‘tweet’ diary – instead of having to make time to write down the minutiae of my day, I just write a sentence about something that made me happy that day in a notebook I bought a while ago from Etsy, with handmade paper and a distressed leather cover. I’m pleased with it, it’s only been a week but it is good to think back on the day just before bed and capture a moment to record.

2. I became fascinated with finger rings, not liking the feel of rings at the base of my fingers (!) but liking the look. I now have a bunch of different sized rings which I wear up and down my fingers on both hands and I really like them. They are comfy, not annoying, never too tight and they look awesome.

3. I baked some Banana Bread during a bit of procrastination from some chores yesterday and despite it being a standby recipe, it never fails to fill the house with that amazing aroma of baked goods and it makes a satisfying teatime treat – healthy too, ‘cos of the banana. 😛

4. I’ve been recycling a pile of magazines before the house move by ripping out colourful pages, paper beading them and then sorting the paper beads into colourways. I intend to cover a canvas with them in a paper collage. I love texture in art, and I’m a sucker for bright colours so hopefully it will look good in the new flat. The canvas I originally thought to stick the paper beads to however turned out to be gigantic when I got a second look at it, so I might save that for something else and get a smaller canvas for the beads…otherwise we’ll end up overwhelmed by a wall-sized paper montage!

Friday Favorites: 5th April

I’m grabbing a minute to tell you what I’m loving:

1. I’m moving house in two weeks time and have replaced my usual obsessive trawling of fashion blogs with interior design. I am loving this site, houzz, for the never-ending ream of inspiring pictures!

2. Its April, its snowing, its still freezing and I wouldn’t be surviving without my alpaca wool socks scrunched up inside my boots!

3. Chocolate cherry brandy brownies. Yum. I made a third of this recipe, skipped the walnuts (who wants nuts ruining all that squidgy goodness?) and added cherry brandy chocolates (the type with a cherry and dash of liqueur inside!) Then I twice baked for a chewy exterior and a gooey interior and by golly, I had nothing else for dinner that night.

4. I read this Derralyn Anderson series this week and found it both compelling and a great series to just sit back and relax with. Marina’s Tales are beautifully written, entertaining and also escapism in the purest form, in that it is not deep philosophies or facts about life. The characters have no worries other than the bad guys out to get them – money, housing, fashion, talent – all taken care of.

5. I’m on the verge of taking my Winter hair in hand and changing it up from its current coppery brunette to a softer strawberry blonde. Not sure how to do this myself however and I have no intention of paying my week’s food budget for a professional. Next week, I may have accidentally bleached all my hair off. You’ll know this is the case if I profess myself to loving baldness next Friday.

Friday Favorites: 8th March

It’s been a busy week for me, I’ve been flat-hunting (again, for the fourth time in two years), negotiating a new contract for my business, trying to find the perfect pair of Spring/Summer jeans and trying to make sure I still get some vegetable matter in my diet by the end of the day.

I’ll get back to you on the flat and the contract, but here are some of my favorite things from this week;

1) Jeans! I finally picked up this great pair of River Island Taylor‘s in a distressed wash. They should work with everything I can throw at them come Summer and they look pretty groovy now too. Been awhile since I owned jeans, so it will be novel to have the ease of them back in my wardrobe!

2) H&M’s new concept store, & Other Stories, launched today and I am loving this octagonal bag in gold. The site is supreme, mixing street style effect product shots with normal white background product shots – so you get a mix of plain product and ‘action’ shots! Good clean styles in basic colours, pretty minimalist, good fabrics and a price point between H&M and Cos.

3) Bin bags (stick with me here!) my cat has formed the most bizarre attachment to a bin bag – she sleeps on it, plays on it and has starting rolling on it and waving her legs in the air in the cutest, and most undignified manner possible.