Sunday Round-Up

Whew, it was a busy week. The lesson I took away? Don’t travel on a Thursday. I spent 9 hours in the car when I should have spent a maximum of 4, all told. I swear every road between me and where I needed to go had been closed, barricaded off and a diversion put in place (or not, as at least two of the blocked roads, out of the 7 I traversed, had no alternate route signposted).


DIY Craft Home made Autumn Wreath

Anyways, this travesty of a travel situation not withstanding, my weekend has been very chilled. Saturday I crafted a Autumnal-looking wreath for the door using bits and bobs picked up on our walk across the Commons. In the evening, we got dressed up and headed out to see a Burlesque show with The Folly Mixtures and Ivy Paige which was fantastic, very funny and glamorous.

Today has been a baking day as the intermittent rain and grey skies effectively kiboshed our allotment plans.

We made shortcrust pastry and turned it into a Mediterranean influenced tart, with roasted butternut squash, red onions and courgettes gifted by our allotment neighbour. I sprinkled feta cheese over it before popping in the oven and used a balsamic vinegar glaze liberally over the top when we served it up.

Mediterranean Tart

For dessert, as the oven was on and we had a surplus of apples to hand, we whipped up a delicious cinnamon and brown sugar heavy, buttery apple crumble which we served after lunch with some toffee ice cream.

As we were busy in the kitchen anyway, I took the opportunity to turn the other half of the butternut squash I roasted for the tart into a spicy chilli-infused soup for my lunch tomorrow.

Kiddo Blanket

Now, to snuggle up with the cat (who definitely has the right idea, blanket-wise) and read some books – you can check out some of my reviews here on Goodreads.

I inherited this gorgeous, super comfy antique nursing chair a while back and have been intending to re-upholster it for ages. Well, when I say re-upholster, I meant I was going to recover it.
The patterned fabric that was covering it was a dusty sage green colour and ripped with the stuffing leaking out.
(Imagine my surprise when I started taking the fabric off, only to discover it’s original colour was a metallic cobalt blue!)
Re-Upholstery Project
Re-Upholstery Project

I stripped all the fabric off, but then I saw the condition of the actual insides of the chair. There was nothing for it, with the clouds of dust billowing from the stuffing, along with spiders and fabric that crumbled as I touched it, it had to all go.

There was no way any of that was coming inside my house!

Re-Upholstery Project

Re-Upholstery Project


Re-Upholstery Project

With everything gone but the bare bones (in this case, springs, hessian grid and horsehair padding around the upper wings), I could set to work re-padding it. Having to buy in all the extras other than the fabric did put my budget out of the water slightly, but it was worth it.

I previously had a quote done to see how much it would cost to do professionally and the response was in the region of £250 plus fabric cost.

It took me two days of ripping, cutting, sewing and hammering, but I got the whole thing done for £50 and what’s more – I absolutely loved it! Bring on the upholstering!

Re-Upholstery Project

My cat helpfully decided it was worth sitting on the chair the moment the base seat was covered in new, cosy charcoal grey chenille. She had great fun trying to eat my sewing thread as it whisked past her nose every two second while I was stitching the new cover in place.How to reupholster a nursing chair DIY



The Rockstud Obsession

So. I don’t even know how it happened. I was browsing Sea of Shoes, when I stumbled across the Valentino Rockstud heel.
Rockstud Heels

Now, if these shoes were broken down into their constituent parts? I am not a fan of kitten heels, I dislike slingbacks with something of a passion and pointed toes? Not my thing. At all. Give me a nice rounded almond toe any day.

And yet. Put them all together and somehow…I am smitten! I have no idea how this happened.

No idea.

Then I found the flat, black version of the shoe and fell in love just a little bit deeper. I put together an outfit to showcase these gorgeous shoes and another trend I’m starting to see filter through – the Return of the Boyfriend Jean. About time the ubiquitous skinny had a contender for style crown.

Autumn's Ultimate Outfit

I’m thinking of tracking down some similar flats on Asos and studding them up manually to achieve a budget-friendly nod to the shoe, now entering into cult fashion status. What do you reckon?