Free Book Downloads at NoiseTrade

You can get a whole range of fantastic free ebooks at NoiseTrade, a service I have just discovered.

Basically, you can scan through their marketplace of genres, choose however many books you like (oh, this is going to be dangerous!) and then get clicking. Depending on the file format the author has uploaded to the site, you should be able to read your free books on any ereader or computer.

NoiseTrade allows you to ‘tip’ the author if you fancy and also encourages you to help the author out by sharing their book page and writing a review once you’re done reading.

If you’re self-publishing, this is a really great route to get lots of new readers interested in your work. I can’t wait to see what happens as a result of my debut, Wave Singers, being available. I’m hoping to discover lots more fantasy lovers like myself, that’s for sure.

Add Wave Singers by Echo Fox to your Summer TBR list now, for free!


Before He Was Gone by Becky Wicks

Before He Was Gone

I was lucky enough to get my paws on a pre-release copy ofBefore He Was Gone and it accompanied me on what should have been a long train journey. The journey flew by, in a wave of sand, sea and sunshine thanks to this great summer story.

Perfectly paced to keep me turning pages (or clicking Kindle buttons, ahem), Before He Was Gone developed the character of Alyssa from Before He Was Famous with the style and vivacity I have come to expect from the author.

Quick-witted and unassumingly beautiful, Alyssa chooses to leave behind heartbreak for a desert island adventure that promises a life changing sum of money for the winner – not to mention madcap challenges, new friendships and a whirlwind romance along the way!

The description of a reality TV series was right on the ball, with both the highs and lows framed perfectly as well as showing evidence of Becky Wicks great research into the industry.

I loved Alyssa and Joshua’s romance. Joshua’s emotional unavailability made for a great mystery to puzzle over during dark train tunnels and their relationship evolved at a good pace instead of the popular ‘insta-love’ situation.

With an extra bonus chapter on the author’s website, Before He Was Gone is a fantastically fun read and very much recommended.

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Splintered by Hope Christine


Really interesting and original twist on the usual fantasy characters with great details to establish each culture / people as individual powers in the land.

Occasionally more gory than I necessarily want to deal with, especially when I’m reading in bed.

The story jumped straight into the thick of things with no build up and remained well-paced. The entire book felt more like a ‘snapshot’ of many political and historical issues coming to head at once, with flashbacks and memories to flesh out any details necessary to make sense of what was happening.

Very intriguing fantasy world, loved the descriptions of the tree spirits.

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Promise You Won’t Tell? By John Locke

Promise You Won't Tell

I started this as a bit of light reading before bedtime, but thanks to it’s pace, well-written wit and fun storyline, it was 2am before I knew it and I had finished.

Dany was a fantastic main character, dropping in backstory to explain her reactions without it getting in the way of the main story. She had a great sense of timing and a seemingly fearless attitude to the crazy clients wandering into her office.

The twists and turns were brilliant, reminding me of a Veronica Mars episode. Absolutely loved it, perfect Summer read.

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Ice by M.S.Watson


My first impressions of Ice were not particularly favourable. Having studied Classics, I found the characterisation of the Greek gods to be lacking, especially when the mighty Poseidon forgot to change his clothes and needed to hide in the bushes to avoid detection.

The storyline was interesting enough that I read on to see what would happen, but ultimately, the writing style had me less immersed in the story as bemused about the odd wording and inconsistencies (especially chronological ones). For example, at one point the MC went from worried that torrential rain will soak her to shaking off the light mist. Another phrase I found particularly strange: ‘Freedom so close I could taste its toxicity.’ This could be a poetic turn of phrase about the liberties of those who fate cannot control, but I doubt it.

Both the main characters had some serious temper issues that I just could not identify with, so that made it hard for me to get involved with them and their story. Characters I would have thought were important to earlier scenes suddenly turned up a third of the way through – like best friends who hadn’t been around for the previous week of turmoil or 18th birthday party’s.

Lastly, the characters seemed to switch temperaments at the end, the reasoning for which I didn’t understand or see explained.

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Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen

Stolen Songbird

loved this story.

The characters pulled me in immediately. I foolishly started reading at about 10pm on a Sunday, knowing I would have to get up early for work the following morning. See me today, bleary eyed, finished and desperate to share the love!

The story was fantastic – familiar enough to give comfort and different enough to hold my interest. The twists and turns kept me guessing as to what would happen – unusual for me, as I very often find myself picking up on the story’s ending long before I am close to finishing the book.

The characters remained consistent in their ways, gaining depth and wisdom as their tale progressed. This was not an ‘insta-love’ scenario, but a rather more realistic romance, growing in feeling despite tricky conditions.

I now see that this is the first of three and I’m off straight away to see if the second book is out yet, because I could very well do without another night’s sleep!

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Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank

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The concept of this was simple enough – throw in a paranormal power and an ongoing makeover situation and this is chick-lit territory with a twist. The main character did a lot of personal growth stuff during the book and the countdown helped to keep things fast paced.

The story did a nice job of reminding you of the important stuff in life. The bucket list created within is something I know a lot of people do and the time restraints, murder mystery and aforementioned personal growth stuff fleshed it out nicely.

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Weddings Can Be Murder by Christie Craig

Weddings Can Be Murder

Okay, so I realise the title should have given this away to me, but I thought this would be a little more mystery and less terrifying hostage situation. I do not do well with scary stuff. Nightmare ensue.

Still, I enjoyed it very much, the tension lightened by the banter between the two main characters and the undeniable chemistry between them. Enough to forget the horror of being hunted down by a serial killer at any rate, which never seemed to worry the main character quite as much as you would expect.

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The Vintage Summer Wedding by Jenny Oliver

The Vintage Summer Wedding

I liked this book, the story and the character of Anna. I’m rating it two stars instead of three because all the other people in Anna’s life – her father, her old school peers, people in the village – were so unbelievably harsh and unpleasant to her.

With the book being from Anna’s point of view, the only justification for the hostile words of the people in the village was her own belief that she had been a teenager with attitude…and well, it seemed unlikely that an entire village would take against her for being, for all purposes, a normal teenager.

Otherwise, I found the initial topsy-turvy descriptions entertaining and I identified with Anna – there have certainly been places or jobs I just didn’t want to be in and yet seemed to have no choice about the matter.

So overall a fun book about finding your own dream when you’ve been chasing someone else’s dream for so long, but the majority of the characters annoyed me.

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Before He was Famous by Becky Wicks

Before he was famous

I really enjoyed this story, showing the other side of fame, the tangled web of relationships both real and false. The two main characters were compellingly written, with real depth and history that made their love that much more special.

The twists and turns in the story kept the pace up while also managing to focus wonderfully on the turmoil that Chloe and Noah are experiencing as they try and get used to the roller coaster ride that Noah’s life is taking them on!

Definitely a recommended read, with an extra chapter and accompanying playlist available on the author’s website that is well-worth a listen.

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