Summer Bucket List


Because today folks, we are exactly halfway to Christmas. Yes, I’m one of those people.

So, Summer is exciting but what with work and the lacklustre English weather, it often whizzes by in a blur now I’m no longer at school with the luxury of taking a full six weeks off to revel in freedom.

Hence, bucket list! All the things I want to do, in one easy-to-check-off list of wonder. Here goes:

1. Head to one of the Summer Screenings at Somerset House for chilled back old-school movie and picnic.

2. Go camping in the Lake District for a few days of walking, relaxing and re-tuning with nature.

3. Eat strawberries. As many as I can get my greedy little paws on.

4. Finish writing my third book by the end of July. Deadlines, people!

5. Introduce my wonderful, city-girl friend to the joys of camping. I’m thinking in the New Forest?

6. Go out, dressed up, for dinner, once a week. Date night. Whoop whoop.

7. Fix yoga practice into my regular life, instead of just on sunny mornings.

8. Experiment with some new ice cream recipes. And French toast. And spring rolls. Also, a proper thai curry.

9. Have a BBQ, with awesome dishes on offer, home made cocktails and music.

10. Go to the local weekly Jazz evening and pretend I’m on holiday by sitting outside with a Sol.