Free Book Downloads at NoiseTrade

You can get a whole range of fantastic free ebooks at NoiseTrade, a service I have just discovered.

Basically, you can scan through their marketplace of genres, choose however many books you like (oh, this is going to be dangerous!) and then get clicking. Depending on the file format the author has uploaded to the site, you should be able to read your free books on any ereader or computer.

NoiseTrade allows you to ‘tip’ the author if you fancy and also encourages you to help the author out by sharing their book page and writing a review once you’re done reading.

If you’re self-publishing, this is a really great route to get lots of new readers interested in your work. I can’t wait to see what happens as a result of my debut, Wave Singers, being available. I’m hoping to discover lots more fantasy lovers like myself, that’s for sure.

Add Wave Singers by Echo Fox to your Summer TBR list now, for free!