Promise You Won’t Tell? By John Locke

Promise You Won't Tell

I started this as a bit of light reading before bedtime, but thanks to it’s pace, well-written wit and fun storyline, it was 2am before I knew it and I had finished.

Dany was a fantastic main character, dropping in backstory to explain her reactions without it getting in the way of the main story. She had a great sense of timing and a seemingly fearless attitude to the crazy clients wandering into her office.

The twists and turns were brilliant, reminding me of a Veronica Mars episode. Absolutely loved it, perfect Summer read.

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Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank

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The concept of this was simple enough – throw in a paranormal power and an ongoing makeover situation and this is chick-lit territory with a twist. The main character did a lot of personal growth stuff during the book and the countdown helped to keep things fast paced.

The story did a nice job of reminding you of the important stuff in life. The bucket list created within is something I know a lot of people do and the time restraints, murder mystery and aforementioned personal growth stuff fleshed it out nicely.

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